• Marketleader in no-man-entry robots
  • Game-changing cleaning method
  • ATEX zone 0 certified robots

Vission and mission


At KOKS Robotics, we are proud to lead the industry with our ambitious vision, driven mission, and strong pillars of our business. By revolutionizing robotic technology and industrial cleaning, we are shaping the future of safe and efficient operations in hazardous environments.

As leader in the field, we invite you to explore the world of KOKS Robotics, where safety, innovation, and efficiency converge to shape the future of industrial cleaning. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the full potential of your operations in hazardous environments.

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Our vision at KOKS Robotics is: 

To revolutionize the industrial cleaning and maintenance sector through the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge robotic technology.

We strive to be the forefront leader in the development and manufacturing of remotely controlled, no-man-entry tank cleaning and maintenance robots, delivering unrivaled safety and efficiency in hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres.


Our mission at KOKS Roboics is:

To provide innovative and reliable robotic solutions that transform the way industrial cleaning and maintenance operations are conducted.

We are committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge robots that eliminate the need for human entry, ensuring enhanced safety, optimized efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

Pillars of our business

  1. Technological Excellence:

    At KOKS Robotics we are driven by a passion for technological excellence. We invest in extensive research and development to continuously push the boundaries of robotic capabilities, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation. By integrating advanced technologies, we deliver state-of-the-art robots that set new industry standards.
  2. Safety and Efficiency:

    Safety and efficiency are the cornerstones of our business at KOKS Robotics. We prioritize the protection of human lives and the environment by developing remotely controlled robots that eliminate the need for dangerous man-entry operations. Our solutions offer superior efficiency, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity for our customers. 
  3. Quality and Reliability:

    We are at KOKS Robotics committed to delivering products of the highest quality and reliability. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that each robot meets rigorous standards, enabling seamless and dependable operation in challenging industrial environments. We aim for customer satisfaction by consistently exceeding expectations.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach:

    At KOKS Robotics, our customers are at the heart heart of everything we do. We foster strong partnerships by listening attentively to their needs and tailoring our solutions accordingly. Our dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive support, offering technical expertise, timely assistance, and customized solutions to address their unique challenges.
  5. Sustainable Innovation: 

    At KOKS Robotics we recognize our responsibility towards sustainability and the preservation of the environment. Through sustainable practices and the development of energy-efficient robots, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint. We constantly explore new ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and promote environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations.
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