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Tank cleaning robot: 3D animation

This animation shows the way the ESOT System works together with the vacuum truck to clean out the oil tank of heavy crude oil sludges.

Tank cleaning robot: Complete set up

In this video we show you the complete no-man-entry set up with the tank cleaning robot KOKS ESOT System.

Tank cleaning robot: Suction oil sludge inside tank

In this video we show you the demonstration of tank cleaning robot KOKS ESOT System suctioning oil sludge inside a tank. 

Inspection robot: Presentation

Watch the video presentation of the KOKS Inspection Robot. 

Inspection robot: Inside pipe

Inspection robot ADX-1 EMo monitoring real view. Inspection robot inside pipe for inspection hazardous waste.

Underwater cleaning robot: Demonstration

Underwater cleaning robot by KOKS Robotics suctioning in water.

Hazardous waste cleaning robot: Movement attachment

Demonstration of the SAKAL hazardous waste & nuclear cleaning robot movement of the attachment.

Hazardous waste cleaning robot: High pressure jetting

Demonstration of the hazardous waste and nuclear cleaning robot SAKAL high pressure jetting the wall.

Hazardous waste cleaning robot: High pressure jetting

Demonstration of hazardous waste and nuclear cleaning robot SAKAL high pressure jetting the floor.

KOKS Robotics is market leader and manufacturer of innovative no-man-entry tank cleaning robotics for ATEX zone 0. KOKS Robotics is part of the Dutch company KOKS Group an international manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment, built in accordance with the latest PED, ADR (Ceoc), DOT 407/412 standards. Founded in 1989 and has since grown into a dynamic company that operates globally and consists of eight specialised subsidiaries in the USA, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and participations in rental organizations that operate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a growing, innovative and reliable company, KOKS Group has gained an excellent reputation in the (petro)chemical sector and other industries as a vacuum truck builder.

KOKS Robotics tank cleaning equipment

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