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Certification options for no-man-entry tank cleaning robots

koks robotics certification options map

KOKS Robotics offers innovative and safe no-man-entry tank cleaning solutions. Our robots can currently be certified for ATEX and UL. Other certifications for tank cleaning robots are CSA and IECEx. These certifications ensure safety in explosive atmospheres and dust explosion hazardous environments worldwide. KOKS Robotics aims to provide safe and reliable solutions for optimizing tank cleaning processes globally! 


There are different standards used throughout the world for explosive atmospheres. While ATEX is mandatory in Europe, and NEC/UL for the United States, IECEx is an International Certification accepted in several countries. Hereunder we outline the different standards used in Europe and North America. 

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ATEX Certification

KOKS Robotics offers ATEX-certified no-man-entry robots for explosive atmospheres. The certifications include ATEX Zone 0, ATEX Zone 1 and ATEX Zone 2, indicating that the robots can safely operate in environments with a continuously present explosive atmosphere, where an explosive atmosphere is likely to be present, or where an explosive atmosphere rarely occurs.


Additionally, there are also certifications according to ATEX Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22, specifically for dust explosion hazardous environments. These certifications ensure the safe operation of the robots in environments with continuously present combustible dust, where combustible dust is likely to be present, or where combustible dust rarely occurs.

UL and CSA Certification

These certifications, respectively by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), apply to our no-man-entry tank cleaning robots for the American and Canadian markets. They ensure that our robots meet the strict safety standards for electrical equipment in both the United States and Canada.

IECEx Certification

The international IECEx certification system confirms that robots meet international standards for safety in hazardous environments, making them suitable for use around the world. IECEx certification offers wide acceptance and recognition of the safety standards of our robots in different countries.