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Construction cleaning robots for the waste industry

Construction industry

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An industry which is engaged in preparation of land and construction, alteration, and repair of buildings, structures, and other real estate property. A basic deviation in the construction can be made between two sectors: Non-residential such as the heavy industrial, institutional & commercial and engineering. Second sector to logically be Residential.

What are the types of dangers in the construction industry?

In the heavy industrial construction industry the labour force is facing severe risks such as falls, struck-by an object, electrocution and caught between objects. Furthermore during construction there are confined spaces which need to be cleaned before reconstruction of the support structure can take place.


In order to minimize the human risks a robot can be utilized to safely enter the work place and do part of the human work.

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Where to utilize a robot in the construction industry?

In the construction industry there are multiple hazards for the labour force in terms of working to reinforce buildings which are in danger of collapsing, decommissioning of plants or simply working in a confined space without any ventilation such as basements.


To get people out of the line of fire and back to their family safely be the end of their shift, more and more companies choose for a robot system to enter these dangers spaces. 


  • Robot to suck out material of basements.
  • Suck out the material by means of the robot of areas with danger of collapsing.
  • Confined spaces with limited ventilation possibilities.
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KOKS Robotics is market leader and manufacturer of innovative no-man-entry tank cleaning robotics for ATEX zone 0. KOKS Robotics is part of the Dutch company KOKS Group an international manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment, built in accordance with the latest PED, ADR (Ceoc), DOT 407/412 standards. Founded in 1989 and has since grown into a dynamic company that operates globally and consists of eight specialised subsidiaries in the USA, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and participations in rental organizations that operate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a growing, innovative, healthy and reliable company, KOKS Group has gained an excellent reputation in the (petro)chemical sector and other industries as a vacuum truck builder.

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