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Industrial non-man entry cleaning robots for power plants

Power stations

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A power station, also referred to as a power plant and sometimes generating station or generating plant, is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. Power stations are generally connected to an electrical grid.


Many power stations contain one or more generators, a rotating machine that converts mechanical power into three-phase electric power. The relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor creates an electric current.


The energy source harnessed to turn the generator varies widely. Most power stations in the world burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas to generate electricity.

Robots for power plants

KOKS SAKAL robot for the construction industry


Liquid waste

The KOKS SAKAL-robot was originally designed for handling and removal of pollution from hazardous and contaminated storage and drain tanks in non-ATEX zones at the site of nuclear power plants.

What is meant by thermal power stations?

In thermal power stations, mechanical power is produced by a heat engine that transforms thermal energy, often from combustion of a fuel, into rotational energy. Most thermal power stations produce steam, so they are sometimes called steam power stations.


The efficiency of a thermal power cycle is limited by the maximum working fluid temperature produced. The efficiency is not directly a function of the fuel used. For the same steam conditions, coal-, nuclear- and gas power plants all have the same theoretical efficiency.  


Fossil-fuel power stations may use a steam turbine generator or in the case of natural gas-fired plants may use a combustion turbine. A coal-fired power station produces heat by burning coal in a steam boiler. The steam drives a steam turbine and generator that then produces electricity.

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Where to use a robot in power stations?

A case where the robot can be used is in the furnishes used to burn the coal in order to have the steam boiler powered. These furnishes need to be cleaned periodically to achieve an efficient process. The cleaning is in a confined space and there is a risk of plagues of coal which are in the furnishes to fall down. Therefore it is a dangerous situation within the furnishes where the cleaning operation takes place.


  • Confined spaces where product builds up which needs to be taken out.
  • Periodically cleaning out of the furnishes to improve efficiency.
  • Underneath structures or conveyor belts whilst online so cleaning can be done without bringing a human in a dangerous environment.
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KOKS Robotics is market leader and manufacturer of innovative no-man-entry tank cleaning robotics for ATEX zone 0. KOKS Robotics is part of the Dutch company KOKS Group an international manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment, built in accordance with the latest PED, ADR (Ceoc), DOT 407/412 standards. Founded in 1989 and has since grown into a dynamic company that operates globally and consists of eight specialised subsidiaries in the USA, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and participations in rental organizations that operate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a growing, innovative, healthy and reliable company, KOKS Group has gained an excellent reputation in the (petro)chemical sector and other industries as a vacuum truck builder.

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