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Robotic system for hazardous waste removal

KOKS SAKAL no-man entry robot for hazardous waste cleaning

koks robotics sakal system hazardous waste cleaning robot

The KOKS SAKAL-system was originally designed for handling and removal of pollution from hazardous and contaminated storage and drain tanks at the site of nuclear power plants, where human access is necessarily restricted due to the radiation levels present. The SAKAL-system is designed for long-term use under severe conditions in stainless steel tanks and various other types of confined spaces in submerged conditions.


In addition, the KOKS SAKAL-system is a proven design for heavy and hazardous industrial applications and suitable for cleaning areas such as underground tanks or collection basins with restricted human access. The system is equipped with a cabin for the operating personnel to act as an operating and control module on site and can remain on site as long as required for the job.


The KOKS SAKAL-system enables its user to clean irradiation-exposed areas with limited human access as well as general waste areas where human access is undesirable, such as sewage treatment plants. Used for cleaning during downtimes or even when nuclear power plants are operating, the improvements in quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) are undeniable.
In the decommissioning of old nuclear power plants, the system is ideal for difficult work such as removal of accumulated sewage sludge and debris that could not be removed during the life of the nuclear power plant. Of course, this is just a sampling of the wide variety of industries which the SAKAL-system can make safer by eliminating personnel out of hazardous environments.


From the cabin, all movements of the robot are controlled by the operator. These can be followed on the HD screen via the onboard camera or via an external camera with an aerial view. The robot, which is connected to the vacuum truck, will enable large quantities of (fluid) substances to be processed in a short time and then be transported for decontamination and/or storage according to the customer's procedures. Instead of a vacuum truck, an onboard submersible pump can also be used to circulate the water for cleaning, waste separation and return to the tank.


The KOKS SAKAL-robotic system can be fitted with various option kits that are appropriate for your needs and industrial applications.

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  • Designed to make decontamination easier.
  • Dose rate meter for online monitoring.
  • Selection of superstructures for different kinds of jobs. 
  • Undeniable improvement for quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE).
  • Easy control.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards.
  • Greater operational efficiency.
  • Powerful hydraulic power source.
  • Manoeuvrable robot which can move through stiff sludge with ease.
  • Complete robot made of stainless steel AISI 316 grade; material no. 1.4404.
  • Compact.
  • Easy set up.
  • Able to work continuously, 24/7.


koks sakal benefits robotic system hazardous waste removal koks robotics

Transportable control cabin (TCC)

Ambient/storage temperature -15°C to 50°C.
Type of operation continuous, 24/7.
Dimensions for transport  (l x w x h 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm.
Weight approx. 7,000 kg (with robot and all accessories).
Insulation 50 mm of polystyrene.
Amount ventilated/conditioned rooms 3/2.
Supply voltage/rated current 3~400 V, TN-S, 50 Hz/40 A.
Directives/standards STN EN 33-2000-6, STN EN 33 1500, STN EN 62 305.
DVR recording system for 1 camera feed on the robot, 1 TB storage.
Control system industrial computer enabling semi-automated cleaning program.
Additional accessories

full HD TV screen, 1,080 px, 32" (80 cm).

air conditioning and ventilation unit.
control panel for robot.
steel shutters to protect the windows during transport.
high pressure water attachment.
hydraulic hose reel for storage and retraction.
koks sakal control cabin robotic system hazardous waste cleaning koks robotics





stainless steel AISI 316 grade; material no. 1.4404.


STN EN 33-2000-6, STN EN 33 1500, STN EN 62 305.

Standard range  40 m.
Traction force  1,000 N.
Wading depth 20 m (watertight).
Ambient temperature ​ -10°C to 50°C.
Tracks stainless steel, with full rubberized track plates.
Rotary sludge disruptor 32 Nm rotation power.
Other features suspension hooks to lower the system into the tank from above.
designed for easier decontamination.

Dimensions robot

Length  approx. 1,100 mm.
Width  approx. 400 mm.
Height  approx. 455 mm.
Height with elevated jetting system approx. 960 mm.
Manhole 18”/480 mm.
Weight 250 kg.




Standard quantity


Lights 4 LED lights to be placed on the tank roof.


Hydraulic power pack

Hydraulic power unit

2 pumps connected in sequence.


70-100 bar.

Max. power supply

5 kW.

Aggregate connection  3x 400 V, 50 Hz.
Directives machinery directive 2006/42/EG, EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 614-1+A1, EN ISO 4413, EN 60204-1ED.2.
Noise level max. 80 dB(A).
koks sakal hydraulic power pack robotic system hazardous waste cleaning koks robotics
control cabin container krs01 koks sakal robotic system


Control cabin - container

  • transportable control cabin 20 ft.
    (NOT ATEX certified.)

Basic cabin

  • standard sea container.

Dimensions for transport (l x w x h)

  • 6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm (without exhaust).


  • approx. 7,500 kg (incl. robot and all accessories).

Amount ventilated/conditioned rooms

  • 3/2.

Supply voltage/rated current

  • 3~400 V, TN-S, 50 Hz/40 A without residual current circuit breaker.
control cabin trailer krs02 koks sakal robotic system


Control cabin - trailer

  • Control cabin built in a 2-axle high trailer.
control cabin skid krs03 koks sakal robotic system


Control cabin - skid

  • control cabin to be built in a van skid (cost excl. the van).
camera with light on rover krs04 koks sakal robotic system


Camera with light mounted on rover

  • incl. 40 meter of cable.
  • image transmission system.


  • EN 50303, EN 60079-0, EN 60079-11, EN 60079-26.


  • analog, full HD.


  • integrated LED lighting, max. 235 lux.
camera with light gamma probe on rover krs05 koks sakal robotic system


Camera with light and gamma probe mounted on rover

  • for nuclear industry.
  • incl. 40 meter of cable.
  • image transmision system.


  • EN 50303, EN 60079-0, EN 60079-11, EN 60079-26.


  • analog, full HD.


  • integrated LED lighting, max. 235 lux.
  • gamma probe.
ptz camera krs06 koks sakal robotic system


PTZ camera

  • at the entry, on a holder (frame).
  • full HD.
led lights 4 extra krs07 koks sakal robotic system


4 LED lights (extra)

  • at the entry, on a holder (frame).
  • LED lighting according to customer requirements.
  • holder frame according to customer requirements.
suction head with wiper krs08 koks sakal robotic system


Suction head with wiper

  • for final cleaning the floor in product tanks (very fluid products).


  • stainless steel AlSl 316 grade; material no. 1.4404.
suction head with high pressure water jetting krs09 koks sakal robotic system


Suction head with high pressure water jetting

  • incl. high pressure water attachment.
  • pressure water supply built into the cabin.


  • 200 bar operating pressure.
  • flow rate 2 m3/h.
  • nozzle bar with 4 high pressure nozzles.

Adjustable positions

  • horizontal for floor cleaning (spray beam angle 45°)
  • vertical for wall cleaning up to 1 m (with raised arm and 5 high pressure nozzles at an angle of 60°).
  • copying the tank wall curvature for optimal cleaning.
rubberized track plates krs10 koks sakal robotic system


Fully rubberized track plates (extra set)

  • set of heavy duty rubber plates (with metal core).
  • 64 pieces of individual plates.
  • for driving on terrains where other belt types would be overloaded.
  • increased durability.
comfort control chair krs11 koks sakal robotic system


Comfort control chair

  • in the control cabin.


  • rotary base.
  • joystick controls.
  • emergency stop button.
  • mechanical suspension.
  • 100 mm vertical suspension stroke (4”).
  • automatic adjustment for operator, weight 50-120 kg (110-265 lb).
  • 60 mm seat height and tilt adjustment.
  • backrest angle adjustment.
  • foreward/backward adjustment - 160 mm (6¼”).
  • suspension cover.
arctic package for hydraulics krs12 koks sakal robotic system


Arctic kit for hydraulics

  • additional heating of hydraulic oil for hydraulic power pack (winter time).
wireless remote control krs13 koks sakal robotic system


Wireless remote control for robot steering

  • for use outside the tank, to easily control the robot.
  • operator module 433 Mhz premium.
  • 2 joysticks.
  • rechargeable plug-in battery.
  • from 1 to 2 selectors between joysticks.
  • transceiver 12+3 relay, 433 Mhz premium, 115-230 Vac.
  • additional card (2 logical input + 1 analog input + 1 analog output + RS485 Modbus).
  • cable gland M32 + M25 sealing plug.
  • SIM card radio build with USB cable.
  • charger for PWB and PYB plug-in battery.
  • supplementary rechargeble plug-in battery.
power socket in storage room krs14 koks sakal robotic system


Additional power socket in storage room

  • 230 V.
  • for connection/use of other electric appliances.
winching mechanism krs15 koks sakal robotic system


Winching mechanism

  • for lowering into the tank.
dummy manhole krs16 koks sakal robotic system


Dummy tank entry

  • dummy manhole flange.
  • mountable on different surfaces.
  • for operator training and practice in for instance a workshop.
operator training krs17 koks sakal robotic system


Operator training

  • by KOKS Academy and/or KOKS Robotics.
  • travelling and accommodation expenses of the training staff to be covered by the customer.

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