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Jan Geelhoed

KOKS Total Care team consultant Jan Geelhoed

Safety in the industrial cleaning sector is a must that ought to be a number 1 priority all over the world. In the Netherlands, we have a foundation called SIR, which is a textbook example of what is possible and what is required, but which also arose through cause and effect, analysis of things that went wrong in the past and how to prevent the same faults from happening in the future. This is a continuous learning process in which all the parties involved need to communicate with each other frankly and be receptive to each other's ideas and interests. In situations where this is not yet recognised or acknowledged, the KOKS Total Care Team can help reduce the time taken to introduce this working method and achieve the intended results, thereby avoiding the harsh reality of accidents. This approach is unique and successful in that a plan defining clear guidelines and procedures both for those involved and for the methods and equipment used is drawn up beforehand. By combining our expertise and long-standing experience in the KOKS Total Care Team, we are capable of providing support for the petrochemical industry in ensuring safe and efficient performance of the associated cleaning activities. In my opinion, ‘Goal Zero’ can only be achieved by creating optimum collaboration between all the parties, training staff effectively, adopting the correct methods and procedures and using suitable equipment”. 

Jan Geelhoed
Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team