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Marinus de Boom

KOKS Total Care team consultant Marinus de Boom

“Dirt build-up in systems reduces production capacity and therefore also has an adverse affect on operational availability. This results in a concrete need for maintenance and cleaning. In addition, dirt build-up is responsible for increased power consumption, costlier maintenance and also has a negative impact on the environment. The demand for increasingly higher plant availability and a growing interest in saving energy not only make the topic of dirt accumulation more interesting, they also increase complexity. The KOKS Total Care Team unites a great wealth of experience and expertise. Together, we can help end-users and the parties that actually carry out cleaning work to assess problems and look for new, efficient, cost-effective and safe techniques. I believe that a custom-made approach to cleaning substantially increases operational availability and plant integrity. In accordance with our motto of ‘Efficiency is our aim and cleanliness our game’, we are capable of attaining clean results”. 

Marinus de Boom
Consultant for KOKS Total Care Team