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Inspection robot for challenging pipes on nuclear sites

23 December 2021
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Either to transfer effluent, liquor, chemicals or steam to and from facilities, pipework is essential on a (nuclear) site. Essential during operational but also decommissioning operations, pipework is critical. Looking for reliable, proven technological solutions that make it possible to conduct a complete video investigation of the internals of pipes can be challenging. 


Designed to perform visual inspection tasks in hazardous industrial applications, the KOKS inspection robot is the system you need for pipes of Ø 20 cm and above. This well-designed robot, waterproof to 20 m depth, fully decontaminable, is equipped with a gripper to remove small obstacles or foreign objects. With cameras tested under gamma dose rate of 4.5 Gy/hour, sustaining a total gamma dose over 260 Gy, the platform can also be upgraded with a gamma reader to offer a great inspection solution for the nuclear sector.



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