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No-man-entry robotic solutions for sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning

Discover the game-changing benefits of using no-man-entry tank cleaning systems in the field of sewer cleaning! KOKS Robotics offers advanced robotic solutions that enhance safety, efficiency and productivity. The KOKS ADES EX, KOKS ADES and KOKS SAKAL robots are suitable for sewer cleaning tasks.


Our no-man-entry tank cleaning systems can be used for a variety of sewer cleaning tasks, including: cleaning sewer pipes, grease and fat removal, sediment and scale removal, inspection and maintenance and preventive cleaning. No-man-entry cleaning robots offer efficient and precise cleaning capabilities, reducing the need for manual labo rand minimizing the risk to personnel.


Are you looking for a specific application? Please contact KOKS Robotics and receive proper advice and information. You can reach us at telephone: +31 (0)72 540 66 99 or via e-mail: info@koks.com.


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